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Necklaces **NEW ITEMS

  • Handprint on My Heart
    Based on lyrics from 'Wicked", this 'handprint on my heart' necklace was made for a high school classmate and her grand-children. Sterling heart with stamped handprint, charm and a silver plated chain 16".  There are three charm options--butterfly, cross and angel. $30.00 includes shipping and handling. Options for additional charms available at $5 per charm.
  • Veggie Lover’s necklace
    Handpainted lead free pewter  on 21” gold tome necklace (veggies vary). $50.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • Fruit Necklace Turnover
    Handpainted lead free pewter on 21” gold tone necklace (fruit varies) $25.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • For the Ta-Tas
    Braest cancer awareness charm, butterfly and angel on black silk ribbon (any length desired) $25.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • Strength
    Pearl angel, gold tone butterfly, gold tone cross on gold ribbon. $25.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • Hail State
    17” silvertone necklace with sterling cowbell/bail, maroon crystal, sterling star and BFF charm. $30.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • Hope
    Freshwater pearl, hand-painted butterfly and gold tone cross on gold tone chain 17". $25.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • Best Friends Forever Necklace
    Charms of friendship and love. Silver tone. $30.00 includes shipping and handling.
  • “Who Needs a Cruise?”
    After our long awaited cruise was postponed due to a hurricane, we designed these to minimize the disappointment.
  • **Earvals
    are sterling ovals with sterling ear-wires. Drop length approximately 1".  Simple and elegant. Easy to wear and light. $25 includes S/H
  • **Amelia Earhearts
    Small sterling hoops with your initial stamped (mine initial is depicted) or just the plain tiny sterling heart. Only room for one small initial, if that option is selected. Drop length less than 1"; very light-weight. $25 without initial/$30 with and includes shipping and handling.
  • **Heaven Sent
    Sterling or Gold-filled oval hoops surrounding a freshwater pearl angel.  Drop length slightly over 1". Sterling pictured. $30 includes shipping and handling.
  • **Gently
    Petite fiigree ovals in lead free pewter. Silver and gold-tone available. Silver-tone shown. Dainty and elegant. $12 includes shipping and handling.
  • **Roman Holiday
    Brass plated pewter (lead free, made in America) depiction of a Roman coin. Drop length approximately 1". $20 includes shipping and handling.
  • **Mini-Pearls
    Small, lightweight sterling rounds filled with a silver pearl and sterling ear-wires. Drop length less than 1". Simple and lovely. $25 includes S/H.
  • Mississippi State cowbells
    Sterling cowbells and hoops to celebrate MSU!!
  • Ballerina Me
    Just fun little earrings for the dancer in all of us. Sterling findings and painted charm.
  • Armadillo
    The long suffering armadillo (pewter) captured in a rare standing position (as opposed to the customary legs up version we are used to)
  • Up, Up and Away
    For all horse folks who love to fly through the air. Silver tone; lead free pewter with sterling ear-wires.
  • When You Wish – a whimsical pair of earrings that make you want to be on a star.
  • Team Edward – need we say more?? Sterling silver and freshwater pearls
  • Team  Jacob – ditto (not pictured)  Sterling silver and freshwater pearls.  $20
  • Purple Animal Rescue –Make a statement from your heart.
  • Dangy
    Very simple and elegant. Sterling ear-wires. Lightweight metal. Drop length about 1 1/2".
  • Felicia
    lovely and feminine. Sterling ear-wires; lightweight metal. Drop length of about 1 1/2".
  • The Floydian Slip
    Doesn’t this triangle remind you of a great rock and roll band?? Sterling ear-wires; lightweight metal. Drop length about 2".
  • Priscilla
    Sterling hoop surrounding the silver plated BFF charm. Perfect gift for that very best friend.  Sterling findings. Drop length 1¼”.
  • Man-a Lisa
    Gold-tone lead free pewter with gold filled ear-wires and back beads. Drop length is slightly over an inch.
  • Patti
    Sterling teardrops (1 1/2") with sterling design and silver plate LUV. Great graduation gift or just for plain old fun.
  • It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere
    Silver or gold-toned lead free pewter (made in the USA) with sterling ear-wires and a glass pearl. Celebrate life!
  • Candy Corn
    This candy corn is guaranteed not to give you cavities. Drop length of less than an inch. Hand-painted pewter with gold-filled ear-wires
  • Envy
    Tear-drop filigree; drop length 2". Gold-filled ear-wires.
  • Mississippi Proud
    Sterling-silver MS and ear-wires. Drop length 1".
  • April
  • A intricate design sandwiched between two sterling ovals. Ear-wires are also sterling. Drop length is 2" and these are very light on the ears.


  • "Camryn" – a most special pair of earrings, named in honor and memory of Camryn Taylor, our first grand-daughter who was lost before she really got a chance to live. Her parents, David and Lindsey, fought hard for her and then handled her loss with a grace and dignity far beyond their years. Material is gold-toned lead-free pewter with gold-filled ear-wires; drop length is less than an inch.
  • "Kathy"...Hand-painted pewter butterflies in lovely orange and yellow. Sterling ear-wires; drop length of about an inch.
  • "Liz"...Blue and green hand-painted pewter butterflies; sterling ear-wires. Drop length of about an inch; light weight. Lovely to look at and easy to wear.
  • "Laura"...pewter butterflies and sterling ear-wires offer the wearer a light and lovely look. The same for those who see them on the wearer..."Where did you get these?" they will ask. .
  • "Shannon"...lovely butterfly earrings. Hand-painted pewter with gold-filled ear-wires. Drop length of about an inch. Light and just lovely.
$5.00 from each pair of earrings will be donated to the local chapter of The Compassionate Friends

Pewter daggers with either a grey or black bead as an accent. Drop length of about an inch. As always, sterling ear-wires. These were a surprise hit at NEARFest this year. $15 includes S/H.

These come in yellow, green, orange, red/white/blue (with blue or red crystal), teal (not pictured), green and pink. Sterling silver findings.  Drop length on the yellow, orange, green, teal is slightly over 1”. Drop length on the pink and r/w/b is about 1¼”. Blue Flips...you'll turn flips and heads with these darling flip-flop earrings.  Sterling ear-wires and silver-plated charm with blue plumeria design. Drop length about an inch. $15 includes S/H.

Ear Speak
Let your ears speak for you.  Sterling ear-wires and silver-plate chats. Drop length of less than an inch. These are a simplified version of a popular design.  BFF, LMAO, OMG, LUV, Surprise and Wink. $12, $15 and $20 includes S/H.

Animal Rescue/ARF-Ears
Designed exclusively for the Miriam Wilson Weems Animal Sanctuary (Animal Rescue Fund/MS), 50% of price of the earrings go to ARF/MS.  These are reminders that our pets are important family members and we want to support the wonderful work that the folks at the Sanctuary do in rescuing and rehabilitating animals who have been abused, neglected and abandoned.

Wear Your Fruits and Vegetables
Hand-painted lead free pewter (made in the USA as opposed to the Olympic uniforms); gold-toned with gold-filled ear-wires and Swarovski crystals.  These also come unadorned without the crystal. 
Veggies: Asparagus, artichokes, corn, eggplant, carrots, peas (with crystal only), and garlic.  $25 (with crystal) and $20 (unadorned) includes S/H.
Fruits: Watermelons, peaches, bananas, tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are fruits), pineapples, grapes (with crystal only) and strawberries.  $25 (with crystal) and $20 (just the fruit and nothing but the fruit) includes S/H.

Vintage Watch Jewelry
Earrings and bracelets made from vintage watches are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.  No two pair are alike and no two bracelets are alike.  Sometimes, you even get lucky and find engraving on the back, noting an anniversary or Christmas gift of long ago. These are gold and silver toned watches. The drop length of the earrings ranges from 2” to 2 ½”.  Bracelets can be adjusted to any wrist size.

Note:  If you are wondering what to do with those heirloom earrings from your Mother or Grandmother, we are always happy to turn them into a glorious memory that you can wear.

Breast Cancer
Designed to honor and remember those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

  • Survivor Ribbon Hoops -- Survivor Ribbon hoops...Sterling silver ovals with sterling ear-wires and Survivor charm. Lovely to look at and light on the ears. Drop length is 1 3/4 ". $25 includes S/H.
  • Pink Ribbon Hoops -- Pink Ribbon hoops...Sterling silver ovals with sterling ear-wires and ribbon charm with pink crystal. Lovely to look at and light on the ears. Drop length is 1 3/4 ". $25 includes S/H.
  • Running for the Cure
    ADORABLE pink edged sneakers. Sterling ear-wires and silver-plated/enamel sneaker charm. Drop length of about an inch.
  • PINK RIBBON Flips!! Way fun and cool! Sterling ear-wires and silver-plate flip-flops. $20 includes S/H.

Janne’s Designs is THRILLED to be a part of the Zippity-Doo-Dah parade and festivities. These FABULOUS earrings can ONLY be found on the SPQ site.

  • CHARMED Bluebirds, on sterling silver wires with sterling silver charms that read, “SPQ” on one side and “ZDD” (as in Zippity Doo Dah®) on the flip side. (SPQ™ and ZDD™) are Jill’s trademarks.
  • Bluebirds, unadorned, perfect in their happy simplicity, swinging merrily from sterling silver wires.
  • For those days when it feels like maybe Mr. Bluebird did Something Unfortunate on your shoulder—“WTF”—self-explanatory, good for all occasions—on gold-filled wires.
  • EXPRESS YO'SEFF—quietly but emphatically. Good for all occasions—on gold-filled wires. Get a pair of WTF too and mix/match for even MORE oomph!

“Sheep Happen”

For all of you “Fiber-philes” or knitters, crocheters, rug hookers (did we say that?), sewing fanatics….you know who you are. Here are some darling little reminders of where a LOT of our material comes from.  You can find these on this site OR you can visit “P is for Primitive” in Canton, MS and purchase them there. The small sheep are ½” in size and are $18; the larger black sheep are 1” in size and are $19.  As always, our findings are sterling. 
NOTE:  the large sheep only come in black; the small sheep offer the variety of colors. (Small sheep not pictured but will be soon are: navy, gold, pastel blue and black). Just think, next time you go to your fiber klatch, you can be sporting these frisky little earrings – don’t be sheepish!

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